Our proprietary artificial putting green material (Tour-Putt™) was created in 1998 and our residential lawn grass (Mirage Waterless Grass™) was created in 2001 to capitalize on the growth of the home improvement industry’s outdoor living sector. Since the creation of our unique turf, which at that time was designed mostly for backyard putting greens, we have become one of the nation's largest providers of synthetic lawn grass and putting green systems. Our proprietary artificial putting green and lawn grass products are exclusively made to our unique and proprietary specifications by partnering with two of the largest artificial turf factories in the world. We distribute these turf products through our privately owned family of companies. Our residential lawn grass (Mirage Waterless Grass™) and our artificial putting green material (Tour-Putt™) is exclusively manufactured to our proprietary specifications for quality and durability in cooperation with our partnered factories in Dalton, Georgia USA (Since 1998) using a unique and proprietary 7-step process.

  • Resin pellets are melted.
  • The pellets are then extruded into fiber monofilaments while UV and color concentrates are added.
  • The monofilament is then put through a special heat-texturizing process that curls the fiber in a spring-set fiber.
  • The finished spring-set fibers are then tufted (sewn) into a primary double stable-loc backing.
  • The tufted is then sent to the Coating Mill Oven for secondary (final) backing.
  • Once the backing melted to the turf, it is tip sheered to give the top fivers a smooth, uniform composite.
  • When complete, the turf is then sent to our company's Warehouse where it is cut to size and shipped out.


Photos from Our USA Manufacturing Facility

... Our proprietary MiraSet™ fiber inventory
... Product ready to be shippeed
... Spools of MiraSet™ fiber ready to be tufted
... Tufting Process
... Extrusion Fiber Mill, located in Dalton, Georgia
... Dale Potts, founder of Mirage Turf Technologies & Mirage Waterless Grass™ with plant manager.

Our Mirage Waterless Grass™ lawns have been installed in thousands of residential and commercial locations worldwide, and we have experienced exponential growth during the past few years. Likewise, the growth in the synthetic putting greens market has exploded, which has contributed to our lawn grass products being used in residential homes throughout the world, international hotels and resorts, cruise ships just to list a few. Our WaterlessGrass™ has been installed on just about every Continent and in most every environment on the planet...from the hot arid deserts... to the freezing cold and snowy N.W. Territories of Canada...to the hot, rainy and humid Caribbean Islands!

An assortment of blended blade sizes and multi-colored fiber designs are used to give Mirage Waterless Grass™ a more realistic appearance. Our special Mira-set™, heat set, UV-protected fibers help resist matting, over time. Our special backing and installation method provides a natural grass feeling.

Buyer Beware

Many other competitors are using our company’s trade brand name “Mirage Waterless Grass™” on the internet. They are doing this to confuse customers into thinking they also offer our proprietary brand of Mirage Waterless Grass™ and to capture leads off the internet. We are one of original innovators of synthetic grass and putting greens. We only offer our Mirage Waterless Grass™ through our own Mirage Waterless Grass™ Website or our Mirage Waterless Grass™ Authorized Independent Dealer/Distributor Network. Our company is in the process of legally stopping these Companies from using our Trade Mark Brand, but policing the internet is not a very easy process. Buyers should be aware of these unscrupulous practices. When shopping for a legitimate synthetic turf/grass company that offer our unique “Mirage Waterless Grass™” Brand, make sure you are not being fooled into believing they offer Mirage Waterless Grass™ Brands.


Photos/Video from our Factory

Our Proprietary Turf Warehouse

Visit our Partner's artificial grass factory

Our Mirage Waterless Grass™ Extrusion Facility

Tufting Process

Twisting Process

Message from our Factory

Mirage Waterless Grass™ IS TOP QUALITY

Our Mirage Waterless Grass™ and Tour-Putt Turf is exclusively manufactured to our proprietary specifications, such as: fiber design, fiber color, tufting density and weight, and backings. We accomplish this with a strategic alliance with our specialized manufacturing partners.

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